Can you build your solar panels?

The exponential rise in the use of technology on a global scale is making way for numerous innovations. These innovations are going to change the way we do things and perceive things. Also, they have the potential to bring about many useful changes. One such technology is the use of solar panels to make electricity. Solar panels are getting popular all across the globe. It is because they are highly sustainable in operations and produce electricity enough to power big projects. The good news is that you can make your solar panels to create heat and save costs while benefiting the environment as well. If this sounds like something you are interested in, you are in the right place. We will tell you all about how you can make your solar panels easily.

What are solar panels?

What are solar panels

Firstly, it is essential to tell you what solar panels are. A solar panel is a device that absorbs the rays of sunlight. As the photons of the sunlight are absorbed, these photons, in turn, knock the electrons that are free from atoms. This process generates electricity. The entire unit of any solar panel system consists of several different cells. The name of these cells is photovoltaic cells. These cells turn the rays of the electricity into electricity. The word photovoltaic itself means turning sunlight into electricity. There are no environmentally harmful processes like burning carbon involved in this process. It is why creating power with solar panels is sustainable for the environment.

How to build a solar panel?


It is also possible to build your solar panel. The first thing you have to do is create a template where you will fit the solar panels. You can use a regular piece of plywood for this purpose since it is a light material. Furthermore, you can use tile spacers to create equal spaces and fix them with a staple gun. The next step is to assemble the solar cells by arranging the negative sides on the top and the positive side at the bottom. You can decide on the volts of the panels as per your preference. The next step is to create holes in the group so that you can arrange the wiring for the groups. If you have experience of handling this job then it is better to perform it yourself. However, you can also get help from a professional who uses a soldering machine. The last step that you have to complete is to connect the cells in the panel to the backing. Be careful in connecting each solar cell to the help individually. This can be your safety switch if one battery fails, and you have to replace it.

 build a solar panel


Now that you have followed all the steps carefully, you have a completely functional solar panel of your own, which you can use to power an electrical device in your house by using an inverter device. This way, you can cut back on the costs as well.

Three Main Types of Solar Energy

Solar Energy

The rise in technology is paving the path of many new technologies that are making lives better. Such techniques are rapidly taking over the world. One such technology is solar energy. It is the process of producing electricity out of sunlight. Solar energy can be divided into many parts, but the three main types of solar energy that are most used are as follows:


Photovoltaic power

Photovoltaic power

This energy is created by photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity. This process is called photovoltaic because of the use of photovoltaic panels as collectors of sunlight. The process starts when the semiconductor material on these panels absorbs sunlight, which starts a reaction that generates electricity. In scientific terms, the solar energy received from sunlight breaks the electrons loose from their atoms, which makes them flow through the semiconductor material to produce electricity. In recent times PV cells have captured the market for small scale application of generating electricity. This method is widespread in residential areas. By using the photoelectric effect, the solar cell directly converts sunlight into electricity.


Concentrated Solar Energy

Solar Farm

This solar energy type uses mirrors to reflect a large amount of solar energy and focus it into a beam. That beam of light aims at a container or a large area is having water in it. The heat of the laser boils the water. The steam from the boiling water rotates the turbine, which activates the generator, which creates electricity. This process is currently being used on a large scale to produce massive amounts of power for a city or in some cases, for a whole state. The area in which they are set up is also called Solar parks or Solar Farms due to their colossal size and significant electricity generations. This method is being adopted by both developed and underdeveloped countries to meet their electricity needs


Solar thermal power

Solar thermal power or solar water heating type uses a thermal power collector to collect sunlight, small pipes are installed in these collectors. The energy the collectors received from the sun is stored in these collectors making those pipes, established in the collectors extremely hot. When water passes through these pipes the water heats up. This method is popular in those areas where they need hot water without using any other resource.


As the use of electricity is increasing day by day, solar energy is the need of the hour because it uses the most abundant source of energy, which is sunlight. This source of energy is readily available. Solar energy is used in other ways that can also help in managing sun heat in summers to make better homes for us to live in; Moreover, it can store sun heat to be used to heat water and control an inner building climate. The types of solar energy described above have massive potential in helping us in fulfilling our energy requirements. These methods are being used for residential and commercial purposes, which is a clear indicator of their potential.